You make me want to fall in love again

Photo by Alexander Popov on Unsplash

My heart has been broken so many times, I thought it can no longer function. And to protect me from being hurt, I locked the door into my heart. Hide the key in a place no one else can see.

It was a calm journey. Sure, some night I felt so empty. But I know I’ll be better off alone rather than with someone who gave no effort.

So, how dare you suddenly show up and make me feel a curious thing?

It seemed different from before. I’m incapable to express it, but it appeared like magic. Like the first breath after having my head underwater. Like raindrops after a long drought. Like a warm fuzzy cardigan on a freezing day. Like hearing a melody so familiar in my memory. Like coming home after getting lost on my way.

You make me want to fall in love again… because of this feeling; it felt right for the first time.

P.S: Now I’m getting the key and leave the door wide open for you.

Tentang segala rasa dan hal yang indah-indah.