The Death of Loved Ones.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

The death of a loved one is like falling in your sleep. It is quiet and calm until suddenly you feel like the universe was scrambling before your eyes. The shock. Gasp for air. Funny feeling on your stomach. The questions. Panic. The lump in your throat. Loud silences. The heartache.

It’s terrifying for everyone, even if you know the day will come sooner or later. Even if you’ve prepared yourself for it, the death of a loved one still going to catch you off guard, shove you until you falling to your knees. You cry until you can’t. Cling to every memory, afraid that it will vanish like a cloud of smoke.

How can I live without them? Or so you thought. The truth is, you will never get over it. The void that no one or anything can fill is going to be there permanently. But the love will still be there, forever living in your heart peacefully.

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