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Dearest Mr. Moon,

Do you know when people say family is everything? Family is the one who will always be there for you and support you, no matter what happens? It sounds like a myth that is exceptionally wonderful to be true.

Mr. Moon,

Why my family is not like that? Instead of encouraging me to fly high, they are the ones who bring me down, break my wings, and snatch away my hope?

They are here, but not to provide me warm pleasant words. They say things I never dare to say out loud. Too cruel. Too evil. …

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“Dia cantik ya, tidak sepertiku…”

“Dia pintar dan begitu berbakat, aku tidak ada apa-apanya…”

Tunggu, Kawan. Biar kutanya padamu. Memang kenapa kalau dia cantik? Kenapa kalau dia pintar dan berbakat?

Kelebihan yang ada pada orang lain bukan berarti kelebihan itu tidak hadir dalam dirimu. Ia wujud dalam bentuk yang berbeda. Dia cantik seperti bunga mawar, kamu cantik seperti bunga dahlia. Dia pintar dan berbakat dalam bidangnya sendiri, kamu pun pintar dan berbakat dalam bidang yang kamu minati.

Mengapa kita punya hobi membanding-bandingkan diri dengan orang lain? Membanding-bandingkan siapa yang ter-’paling’? Namun, bukankah sudah jelas jawabnya? Lika-liku kehidupan manusia ‘kan tidak ada yang persis sama, dengan tantangan yang juga beragam jenisnya. Layaknya membandingkan mana yang lebih enak antara es krim coklat dengan bubur ayam. Jelas berbeda ‘kan? Tapi bukankah dua-duanya sama-sama enak?

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Hidup tidak hanya berisikan hitam dan putih. Hidup terdiri dari ribuan spektrum warna yang bahkan kita tidak pernah tau wujud adanya. Tidak ada putih yang sepenuhnya, atau hitam yang betul-betul kelam. Manusia nyatanya lebih dari pada dua warna yang sudah lazim dikelompokkan. Manusia diam-diam mempunyai warna yang tidak sama antara satu dengan yang lainnya.

Namun, yang berbeda dicemooh aneh. Yang tidak biasa akan dipandang nyeleneh.

Karena itu, kita semua bersembunyi di balik kata ‘normal’ yang sudah dianggap wajar. Padahal, bukankah dunia kita akan lebih indah jika dipenuhi dengan ribuan warna? Bukankah hidup kita memang sepatutnya dipenuhi dengan jutaan perpaduan gradasi?

Kapan manusia mau menerima, bahwa berbeda bukanlah suatu dosa? dan bahwa kita memang tidak diciptakan untuk sekadar menjadi ‘sama’?

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Dear future lover,

I want to believe our love will be like magic, with a mysterious connection that no one else can understand. My soul will recognize yours, and yours will acknowledge mine. The heart that has been broken so many times eventually ready to trust again. Our wound will not immediately be healed but oh my dear… we’ll hold each other hands and promise to walk together, even through hell.

I hope our love is the kind that allows no doubt, no confusion. That your arms will be the safest place for me, and your smile possesses the capability…

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My heart has been broken so many times, I thought it can no longer function. And to protect me from being hurt, I locked the door into my heart. Hide the key in a place no one else can see.

It was a calm journey. Sure, some night I felt so empty. But I know I’ll be better off alone rather than with someone who gave no effort.

So, how dare you suddenly show up and make me feel a curious thing?

It seemed different from before. I’m incapable to express it, but it appeared like magic. Like the first…

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Kita semua punya mimpi. Mimpi tentang cita-cita yang tinggi dan masa depan yang begitu cerah. Mimpi yang membuat kita tidak bisa tidur setiap malam karena memikirkan kapan akan terealisasi dan bagaimana agar ia bisa terwujud. Mimpi-mimpi yang menggoda untuk dikejar, untuk diraih.

Namun sayangnya, menggapai sesuatu yang tinggi tidaklah semudah membalikkan telapak tangan. Ia butuh kerja keras, disiplin dan konsisten. Terlebih lagi, ia juga butuh doa. Akan ada hari-hari di mana rasanya semua terasa sia-sia, di mana kakimu terlalu penat untuk berlari dan jiwamu terlalu lelah untuk berharap.

Bisakah?, tanya hati kecilmu. Ia ragu. Ia takut bahwa apa yang selama…

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Tick, tock.

The clock is ticking. Your time is running out.

You said you’ll be happy as soon as you have your dream house, dream job, dream life… but when will you realize happiness is not about all of that?

Tick, tock.

What if we’ve been focusing our attention on the wrong things and ignoring the best little things in our life? Because happiness exists not only in the future but in the present moment too.

Tick, tock.

Live your life to the fullest. Love yourself, care for the earth, spend quality time with your friends and family, read as…

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Your life is your story.

So don’t listen to the voices that throw you negative words, don’t let them drag you down, don’t let them kill you. Instead, take notice of those who always support you and provide you encouragement on how to improve.

Sometimes it will look like the end is near, and your story will finish in such crappy and predictable outcomes, that you are going to lose everything.

But Darling, that’s when you’re going to pick yourself up and snap your finger, then stun them with a tremendous plot twist they didn’t see coming.

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How does it feel to fall in love?

Does it feel safe and calm? Or dangerous but exciting?

Does it warm like the sun on summer days or warm like a cup of tea on rainy days?

Does it taste sweet like sugar or more like honey?

Does it suppose to make me happy all the time?

Does love remain forever or it all just an illusion?

What if two people get tired of each other? Does that mean they never fall in love in the first place?

Does a girl, clumsy and awkward like me, will find love?

Is love really exist out there or is it just a fantasy?

But anyway, what is love exactly?

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The death of a loved one is like falling in your sleep. It is quiet and calm until suddenly you feel like the universe was scrambling before your eyes. The shock. Gasp for air. Funny feeling on your stomach. The questions. Panic. The lump in your throat. Loud silences. The heartache.

It’s terrifying for everyone, even if you know the day will come sooner or later. Even if you’ve prepared yourself for it, the death of a loved one still going to catch you off guard, shove you until you falling to your knees. You cry until you can’t. …

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